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Note from iGaming Kitties

We handle the personal data of all visitors to the iGaming Kitties website in line with the following Privacy Policy, no matter the "do not track" setting. We do not respond to browser "do not track" signals. We offer the user the option of getting promotional offers. You are able to exercise your options according to the terms of the Cookie Policy as described below. Thank you for being a valued member of the iGaming Kitties site community!

In Simple Terms:

  • We do track web activity, however, you are able to choose to not receive promotions from us.
  • Technologies like internet beacons, cookie tags, as well as scripts are utilized by the iGaming Kitties internet site, marketing, as well as analytics services (such as Google Analytics), and also associates to research patterns in use and also manage our website and collect information concerning demographics.
  • We only gather information when it is needed and to improve the solutions we can offer.
  • You can manage the use of cookies by your internet browser. If you turn off cookies, you won't have the ability to access your account or take advantage of all the options offered by the iGaming Kitties site.

Cookie Policy

If you search iGaming Kitties site our servers gather info concerning your os browser variation, browser type, IP address, as well as domain as well as the info regarding the internet site that you connected to from our website.

Our internet servers could try to save a "cookie" (a tiny text file) on the hard drive of your PC which will certainly permit the web server to determine your computer each time you take another look at the iGaming Kitties site. If you do not want to allow cookies, you can configure your browser to obstruct the cookies or alert you when a cookie is being placed. More information about how we use cookies is provided and listed below.

How Do You Define Cookies?

Cookies are tiny texts that can be kept in the memory of your computer and hard drive on your tablet or mobile device whenever you visit certain websites.

Cookies are utilized to allow websites to function, or to give information to the owners of the site or any other third party who are receiving data from that site.

When you visit a website, it can save or retrieve information from your device, typically as cookies. The information could pertain to you and your preferences, or even your device, and is typically used to make the website function as you would think it should. This information doesn't usually necessarily identify you, but it may provide you with a better experience on the internet.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies allow us to offer personalized services and data. iGaming Kitties site makes use of cookies on every single page on our site to inform us in general terms of the frequency and duration of pages on the site visited.

They also tell us what our users' preferences in technology include - like the kind of video player they prefer and whether or not the iGaming Kitties website is operating effectively.

Based on the purpose they serve, certain cookies only be in use for one browsing session, while others have a greater time frame to ensure they are able to fulfill their long-term goals (as detailed below). It is important to note that regardless of how long the duration of cookies' lifespan is, you have the option to remove cookies (and thus stop any future information collection they collect) in the manner described below.

In general terms, we make use of cookies on our site for the following reasons:

Analytical cookies permit us to detect and track the number of visitors to our website and create an inventory of this usage data. This helps us enhance and improve the functionality of our site for example in determining whether those who come to our site can access information easily, or identifying aspects of the iGaming Kitties website which are most interesting to users.

Sessions management The software that operates the iGaming Kitties site utilizes cookies to serve technical needs that are required to run the internal operations that run our servers. For example, we employ cookies to spread requests across several servers. It also allows us to authenticate our users, and decide which parts of the website they can access, as well as verify the source of the request, keep the track of data about the user's session, and decide the pages or options to show in order.

It is important to note that third parties can employ cookies. The types of cookies used and the processing of data by these third parties are subject to their privacy policies.

Your Cookie Preferences

Cookies are required for you to fully utilize the iGaming Kitties website. If you choose to disable cookies, a portion of the functions of our website may be reduced.

Third-Party Cookies

If you browse the iGaming Kitties website you may be able to receive cookies created by a third party. They could be set in the case of Google Analytics or other service providers. They are used to fulfill the reasons stated within the section "Why Do We Use Cookies?" section of this policy. We are not in control of the settings of these cookies by third parties. We suggest that you check the websites of these third parties for more details about the use of cookies by them and how you can manage these cookies.

For more information about how Google Analytics collects and processes your data, please visit

Amending Cookie Preferences

If you would like to erase cookies created through the iGaming Kitties website in your web browser, you can make them.

The steps to remove cookies from your device or computer device are dependent upon the system operating you are using and the web browser you are using. Be aware, however, that refusing to accept cookies through the iGaming Kitties website can affect the functionality that is provided by the Site.

The site includes instructions for managing cookies on many commonly used browsers, or you may consult the vendor documentation for your specific software.

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