Player Reactivation for Online Casinos

As user acquisition costs rise, retaining and reactivating churned players. This is a cost-effective solution and an opportunity for operators to bring back those previously successful customers into their system. iGaming Kitties provides online gaming firms with retention and reactivation services through personalized communication strategies.

What is Player Reactivation?

Casino businesses constantly seek the most cost-effective strategies to rekindle relationships with dormant customers. While traditional marketing programs may be expensive, there is a way to reactivate these clients manually and demonstrably measure the results.

Companies strive to revive old customers who have discontinued their purchases through customer reactivation. In the igaming industry, this is known as restoring churned players back into the game.

Why Players Left?

Unearthing the key to maximizing your customer win-back strategy starts with segmenting those who have already left, sorted by why they exited. This is where machine learning can come in handy to create ideal micro-segments, though it's something any person or company could manage by analyzing their data. Just some of the possible reasons users may no longer be playing your game include:

  • I ran out of game currency
  • I got blocked on a level
  • Recurring Defeat
  • Won too frequently
  • Found a better product
  • Friends stopped playing

An effective way to comprehend why customers have left is by grouping and analyzing each segment. If a user's currency has been exhausted, it can be assumed that their wallet size caused them to quit. Also, those who reached a certain level yet could not progress for an extended period may have departed due to getting stuck in the same spot. Players whose friends decreased activity and then they ceased playing as well may be chalked up to losing interest because of said friends’ departure from the game itself. Besides these methods of analysis, you can ask customers directly - many will provide feedback on what drove them away or didn't meet expectations!

To gain insight into the interests of customers, it is essential to create multiple micro-segments based on their data. By recognizing what they are most passionate about, you can present them with compelling reasons that will make them want to come back again and again!

Will the Players Stay?

Prior to reacquiring players, carefully contemplate if they are likely to stay loyal. It's not wise to invest a lot of resources into reactivating them only for them to leave again in just a few days' time.

There two indispensable elements to comprehend the possibility of a reactivated player remaining. The first is assessing if they initially left for a competitor providing superior value; for instance, if your slots game was abandoned in favor of another offering 5X deals, then you may be able to tempt them back with 10X deals. However, they'll likely depart again when their rival has an even better option.

If a customer decides to leave because they believe another company offers better value and have expressed dissatisfaction with your product, there is an even higher chance that they will repeat the process. These are individuals who can never be satisfied no matter what you do; such constant complainers should not remain part of your customer base.

The Win-Back Offer

Crafting the proper offer to reactivate and retain lapsed players is essential. Though an offer that includes both a discounted price, as well as a product upgrade, has proven to be most successful in reacquiring customers, it also tends to have the lowest duration of second-lifetime value and profitability when compared with feature-based or cost-based win-back offers.

Win-back offers that lessen the cost of a product are linked with longer second lifetimes, while win-back offers providing free service upgrades create an even more extended duration.

Other Key Factors

Our data not only helps you identify and prioritize players who have churned but also provides invaluable insight into how to prevent them from leaving in the first place.

Creating a positive initial experience is key to bringing players back, even if they churn. The more friends referred or the more money generated through the product, the higher chance of return visits in the future. This research reinforces that it's vital to engage your player base early on and keep them invested. The more positive the initial experience the more likely the player to return. If the player referred many friends to the product or monetized it, they are more likely to come back in the future. This research indicates the importance of getting the player engaged early, even if they do churn.

Moreover, if the player had a negative experience initially but was provided with exceptional service recovery, they were more likely to become loyal customers again. It is important for firms to demonstrate their willingness and commitment to addressing customer issues - this decreases perceived risks and increases the trustworthiness of returning back. This finding highlights how necessary it is to promptly address any concerns that may arise and deliver an excellent Customer Service journey.

iGaming Kitties - Player Reactivation Solution

Retaining players is mainly contingent on their initial experience. The way a customer behaves and interacts with your product (such as referral actions or spending habits) is indicative of the caliber of that first-time adventure, and those who had a favorable introduction to your services will typically take up any reacquisition offer you extend them. Additionally, understanding why someone churns gives insight into how they may respond should they come back again - making it an invaluable tool in identifying which win-back strategies work best for each unique player's profile.

  • As the expenditure of gaining new players is escalating, we should prioritize reigniting users who have become inactive.
  • Re-engaging with lapsed users is an opportune marketing strategy as they have already shown interest in your product. Leverage their past data to create the most compelling win-back offer, and you may be surprised at how quickly these customers become active again!
  • To guarantee a successful reactivation campaign, it's essential to divide inactive players into groups according to their chances of coming back, the value they bring when they do return, which offer will most likely entice them, and what win-back strategy would be the most profitable.

If you're an online casino client, the Player Reactivation service from iGaming Kitties is now available to help bring your dormant and inactive players back. We've already seen amazing results with a few clients who have utilized this program!

Furthermore, the iGaming Kitties department has a Player Reactivation team that specializes in re-engaging players who have begun to show a decrease or lack of gaming activity. The Player Reactivation team is committed to providing its services in multiple languages. To accomplish this goal, the Player Reactivation team utilizes SMS and messengers as effective communication tools for reconnecting with these customers.

Our Player Reactivation Service assists players who may be experiencing difficulties making a deposit. We also reach out to account holders if their last activity was more than two weeks ago or if they had made an enormous withdrawal.

Our Player Reactivation service is only one aspect of what we offer. The other services in our package include:

  • At First Line Support, our team fields customer inquiries 24/7 via chat and email to provide optimal service every hour of the day.
  • Improve your overall player engagement and increase customer loyalty with our exclusive Player Retention email marketing service.
  • VIP Player Support prioritizes our largest customers, devoting special care and attention to ensure their needs are met.
  • Safeguard your business with Anti-Fraud Support, offering comprehensive authentication and fraud prevention services.

At iGaming Kitties, we are devoted to providing an exceptional gaming experience for our players so that our clients can leave their worries in the past and focus on expanding their business. Every department within iGaming Kitties is aware of its individual tasks in order to interact with players as quickly and efficiently as possible without overextending themselves.

As our clientele and demands increased, we recognized the advantage of having a special team dedicated exclusively to reactivating players. Since this is such an essential part of any player base, the Player Reactivation squad utilizes a custom-tailored strategy for each participant. This helps us concentrate on those already acquired by our clients with greater efficiency and success.

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